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Fall 2014

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2 0 S AC S TAT E M AGA Z I N E | Fa l l 2 014 Erica Taylor , MA '11 (Communication Studies) Vice President, Communications and Community Relations Director FIRST JOB: Cashier, and later "prep and dry," at a car wash How is your business innovating?: "We were one of the early adopters of social media. But we don't use it as a sales tool. We want to be part of the conversation, to link with the community and the organizations we want to help thrive. We're trying to be a bank that provides solutions." A good leader…: "Emotional intelligence is a quality I respect in a leader. And the ability to read people." Stephanie Petrakos '11 (Business Administration) Vice President, Credit Administrator FIRST JOB: Courtesy clerk at a grocery store Qualities of an innovative business: "It's about empathy—understanding the wants and needs of your customers and catering to meet those needs. If you truly understand the people you do business with, you can make changes in the organization to fit the current needs of the community." Advice for a Sac State grad: "Start building relationships early. Connect with people in the industry you want to work in." Mike Rizzo '89 (Business Administration) Senior Vice President, Commercial and Emerging Business Banking FIRST JOB: Flipping burgers at an A&W A good leader …: "Leads by example. You need to have respect among your people and you need to have respect for the people you lead. And you should have high expectations for your employees." Best advice I ever received: "Internal relationships are more important than external relationships." Advice for a Sac State grad: "Don't be content. Always push and good things will follow." Jason Saslow '89 (Criminal Justice) Senior Vice President, Business Development Officer FIRST JOB: Sales clerk at a hardware store Innovation is: "Enhancing other people's opportunities through relationships, going out and asking questions, being interested in what our clients are doing and asking more questions than talking. That's more valuable than just a transaction." Best advice I ever received: "Trust your gut." Advice for grad: "Know when it's time to discuss, to decide and to do." Five Star Bank is not only a community financial institution, it's a haven for Hornets. We asked four alumni leaders at the locally grown company for their takes on innovation, leadership, advice and plans for the future. 2 0 S AC S TAT E M AGA Z I N E | Fa l l 2 014

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